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Why Do Girls Like The Douchebags?

What makes them so appealing?

Hello everybody,

I’d like to talk about something that REALLY bugs me. The fact that the majority of girls fall for the DOUCHEBAG. What’s a douchebag, you might ask? A douchebag is a guy who treats girls with no respect and is just totally rude to them. A guy who thinks that he OWNS the girl and that she should do whatever he wants, when he wants. A guy who plays the nice guy to get her to like him, and after he’s in a relationship, he stops doing all of the nice and caring things. A guy who is disrespectful and emotionally/physically harming to his girlfriend, or just girls in general.

THAT is a douchebag.

I made up a quote and posted it as a Facebook status. “Dear girls, when you fall for the douchebag, don’t be surprised when he doesn’t catch you.”

This made a ton of people “like” it and comment on it saying how much they agreed and how true it is. Yet girls know who the douchebag guys are and they STILL fall for them, even though they KNOW they will get hurt. For example, I have a friend right now who is in a relationship with a douchebag and she knew he was a douchebag. Now she’s too scared to break it off in fear of getting hurt. So girls, what is it about the douchebags that make them so attractive?


Douchebags are “confident”. But in reality, they’re just full of themselves and expect you to like them, which you do, and then you get hurt in the end and say that all guys are douchebags. But all guys are douchebags, right? Wrong. All douchebags are douchebags. Real men respect themselves and they respect YOU. Once you meet a true gentleman who treats you right, you will wonder why you even bothered with the jerks. Jerks like girls just for sex, and men like girls for who they are. That may seem cheesy and some of you may disagree with me, but I personally like girls for who they are. I mean, when you are both growing old, there won’t be much magic happening, so you’ll have to like them for who they truly are. Just sayin’.

So what happens after a girl gets mistreated by a jerk? She assumes all guys are like that and doesn’t give the nice guys a chance. I’ve been on Facebook so many times when I’ve seen girls post things like, “All guys are douchebags,” “Guys suck,” “All guys are jerks,” etc.

So what do you guys out there feel about this?

Personally, I hate it. Not only because girls automatically think I will hurt them “just like every other guy”, but also because I hate seeing girls being mistreated. I have never harmed a girl and I don’t know how any guy could possibly harm a girl. To me, it’s just wrong on every level imaginable. If you TRULY cared about her, you would treat her right and would never hurt her. Now I realize that relationships aren’t perfect and that couples argue a lot, but that gives you no right to even think about hurting them.

Well, I could go on and on about this, but I don’t want to make this post too long. In the comments, answer this question for me.

Ladies: What is it that is so irresistable about the douchebags, even though you know you’ll get hurt?

Gentlemen: How do you feel when a girl is being mistreated or is in an abusive relationship?

Douchebag Guys: What is wrong with you?

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