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Why Love Can Make a Person Sick?

This article enumerates and provides detailed information on how love makes you physically and mentally sick. It provides scientific explanation on why love can make you sick, obsess, and addict.

           There is a philosophy blog which talks about love is a personality disorder, because there are underlying conditions that have characterized by symptoms like attraction, reliance, and admiration.

Love makes a person physically sick

            Love is like an illness because it can disrupt our physical body. It can affect our appetite, make us dizzy, and feeling exhausted. Love is particularly bad when we do not feel it in return. In a situation like you have a break up with your love one and you really love him/her very much. Your mind thinks unconsciously that you cannot live without being with her. It affects the way you do your physical activities like your daily routine in life, in work or in school. When you feel this frustration, you always prefer to be alone in your room. You feel like you are sick every day.

Love makes a person obsessive in thinking

            When we feel the love inside with someone else, we always think the love itself continuously.  Sometimes, it is really difficult to say if the love inspires the way we think obsessively or a simple truth that we only let ourselves think obsessively. Love affects the way you think. You always want to think him/her every hour of your life and you always think if what he/she is doing at that moment, if where he/she is and your memories with him/her. In short, you always think love. This is a sign of being obsessive in the way you think.

Love is like taking drugs

            The condition of the brain of an in love person is very similar to the condition of the brain when it is the influence of drugs. According to experts, neurochemicals released when a person enjoys pleasurable dugs are the same chemicals released when that person had a sex and begin to fall in love. The area of our brain that reacts to drugs is similar to the reaction to love. The brain of those people who are deeply feeling the love in the air is like snorting a coke. In short, love uses neural mechanics that are triggered during addiction.

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