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Why People Are Afraid of Commitment

On relationships.

Why are people afraid of commitment? There are some people that never want a committed relationship in their life. They preferred a casual relationship over a serious one. There are many reasons why people don’t want a committed relationship. They all have their own reasons. I used to be very afraid of commitment. I didn’t want to have a boyfriend either. I like having casual friends only. I was afraid of commitment. I like the casual friends that you can call every now and then and go drinking with. I really like my friends because there was no string attached to those relationships. I can do my work and whenever I have time I would call them up for a cup of coffee or to go clubbing. I really enjoyed that kind of relationship. I think I was scared of getting hurt.

I didn’t want to be emotionally involved in a relationship and have people cheat on me. I had a lot of cheaters before and I knew that it’s possible with the new relationship. I was also scared of relationship because I was still putting my goals together and I can’t handle a serious relationship. You have to be there for people and you have to do things for people which I don’t have time for. I didn’t have time to devote to people. I didn’t have time to care for people and that’s why I didn’t want a committed relationship for the longest time. I just wanted free time to work on my life and I don’t have to answer to people. It’s very difficult to put your life together and have people dangling around. It’s kind of restricting to have to answer to people all the time. I rather just be on my own.

 I think that people are afraid of commitment because they have been hurt a lot in the past. They have a poor childhood and upbringing. They are currently too busy with their lives and don’t want any attachment. I think a lot of people don’t want to be committed unless they’re stable in their lives. They don’t want commitment unless they’re happy and mentally available for commitment. I think a lot of people don’t want commitment because they just want to be free in the mean time. They’re not ready for commitment. It also depends on their age and their accomplishment in life. If they’re older and accomplished then they might have fewer problems with commitment but if they’re younger and still working on their lives then they might have more of a commitment problem. It will depend on each person and you can assess each of them for those problems.

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