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Why Would a Westerner or Foreign Nationals Marry a Filipino Woman

Femininity and utmost desirability, among others, are attributes that most Western males are looking for in a woman, and consequently, many of these men are attracted to Filipino women, also known as "Pinays."

It is no surprise that there are countless web sites dedicated in providing dating services to men who are very serious about looking for Filipino women to love and marry. Surely, marriage between Filipino women and Westerner men appear to be more stable and more successful than Westerners’ marriages. Do you want some proof?

Just look at the divorce rate in the Western world, and you should know that the divorce rate in the Western world is very high, whereas there is no divorce in the Philippines. Nonetheless, this does not mean that a union between a Filipino woman and a Westerner is something made in heavens because, in some instances, there might be some cultural adjustments that are not be too easy to make, depending on many factors, such as level of education, social and cultural backgrounds, and the like. 

One remarkable factor in the marriage arrangements, as we have seen earlier, is that in the Philippines there is no divorce. Well, the fact that divorce is non-existent in the Philippines does not mean that married Filipino couples stay together until death do them part. They can be legally separated or they can get an annulment of marriage. You will find more information on this in this eBook “How to Get Many Pen Pals and the Woman of Your Dreams in the Philippines, Thailand, and China.”
Filipino Women Let Their Husbands Be “The Husbands”

Some of Filipino women that I had met, worked with some fifteen years ago, were quite feminine, charming, very warm, friendly, accommodating, happy, affectionate, passionate with vibrant personality, respectful, caring, generous, hospitable, and submissive. I do believe you will find the same traits and characteristics in many Filipino women today. You should expect to find all of the above qualities and attributes in every single Filipino woman. Be cautious here.

Yes, unlike Western women, Filipino women are eager and willing to make their Western husbands happy: They are eager and willing to let a man be ‘a man’. Moreover, they let their husbands wear the pants; that is, they let their husbands be ‘the husbands’ instead of trying to compete with them as who are in charge of the household. 

These qualities are what Western males want in a woman, and surely, most Filipino women fit the bill. Clearly, Western men are highly disillusioned by the lack of these highly praised characteristics in western women. For more information, read the eBook titled “How to Get Many Pen Pals and the Woman of Your Dreams in the Philippines, Thailand, and China.”

I have read a few unfortunate articles wherein those writers expressed some rather negative comments about Filipino women, stating that the reason why they marry Westerners is that they are gold-diggers by excellence. This is not the whole truth. Some are indeed professional con artists, but I believe that the most of them are honest, decent, caring, and loving women. Those who unleash virulent verbal attacks against all Filipino women should not put all of them in the same category because it is unfair and childish to do so.
Good Filipino Women Make Great Wives

For Westerners who are fed up with women who think that they have a right to wear the pants according to their feminist point of view, it may be time to start your search for some nice Asian women who are willing to make the effort to pleasing their husbands the best way they know how. Good Filipino women make great wives. I know this is so, because I married a Filipino woman.

I will never regret my decision to marry her because I am one of the happiest and luckiest men in the world. Thanks to my beautiful, passionate, and affectionate wife Emily, life is wonderful. We strongly believe that marriage is sacred and a life-long commitment. My wife told me in her Filipino culture that a) the pursuit of materialistic possessions is not a major priority, b) Pinays, for the most part, are hard-working and decent people, c) most Pinays prefer to stay home, given the circumstances, to take care of the family, and) there are, indeed, so some bad Pinays who enjoy defrauding uninformed foreign nationals to enrich themselves.

I think that once you are properly informed, you will not have to be one of them. If you take the time to learn how to get some well qualified Filipino pen pals, then your chances of getting a good wife should be as good as gold.

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