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Why Your New Girlfriend Might be Jealous of Your Mother, Sister

Starting to argue often about relatives? Couples tend to lack understanding when addressing one another’s concerns about family. Know what you’re boundaries are when dealing with family. Avoid the stress by focusing your attention on one person at a time while remembering why you love them all.

Relationships between son and mother or brother and sister can be easily misunderstood by that special someone you’re dating if you don’t clarify a few things. You might be that boyfriend who has yet to talk to his mother and sister about the importance of your new relationship and hasn’t bothered to establish boundaries. If you are having problems with your girlfriend concerning your family, you might be behaving in ways that makes her feel like she is second best or irrelevant.

Some men don’t understand that the success of a relationship is much their responsibility as it is their partners. If there is no understanding of where the new girlfriend fits in his life, there will be problems. It is unfortunate, but some relationships end because a nosy mother just can’t seem to stop calling or visiting her son so frequently. In addition, throw in a needy sister, wild friends, and a controlling girlfriend and when does a man breathe?

Think about this for a moment, an attention hungry little sister might negatively impact her brother’s relationship, because she doesn’t seem to understand that now she is in third or fourth place in his life where at one time she might have been number one. Mom doesn’t comprehend that a man needs to learn how to connect with his steady girlfriend and wife and begin to distance himself emotionally from her.

A challenge for any guy in a new relationship is that he must put everyone at ease by communicating his feelings, his intentions, and how current relationships might change as a result of building a relationship with the new woman in his life, yet all will not be lost. For instance, a typical weekly outing set aside for certain relatives and friends you might not want to do away with. However, if those relatives or friends are being unsupportive of your relationship, then you might want to think about disconnecting yourself from the negative influences.

Having an intimate relationship is a good thing for any man who has been uncomfortably close to his mother or sister to the point that even relatives have questioned his manhood and have falsely accused him of some despicable things.


For some men it is difficult to talk about their feelings. They usually don’t bother to express them wholeheartedly because they feel like they are exposing too much of themselves. However, if men don’t take the time to communicate how important the new partner is in his life, the women in the family may incorrectly think that his love interest is nothing more than a fling. Relatives may act disrespectfully such as: leave her name off an invitation, ignore phone calls, drop by the man’s apartment/home at any time, and make snide remarks to his girlfriend’s face or behind her back.

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