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Words Which Turns You Gay (For 45 Seconds)


Let me take you back to your first romantic crush

Remember the uneasy butterfly feelings, the emotional rush?

The tingling in your feelings, the unsettled nerve

The strong excited attraction and longing

You hoped others couldn’t easily observe

Not every person who walked pass could do that to you

It was not entirely under your control either

Because when unfulfilled it could leave you blue

From birth, your genetic make up, your DNA, is programmed from the start

To have an attraction to only certain genetic characteristics

Which when present can trigger feelings of romance in your heart

Not everyone who walks pass can cause that reaction to trigger

With such a fierce longing full of such romantic vigor

Now imagine a gay man

When a beautiful woman holds out her hand

Nothing happens, no tingling in his nerves, no attraction, no longing

Which could cause a sincere desire for belonging

Now imagine a gay woman

When a handsome man puts forth his hand

Nothing happens, no tingling in her nerves, no attraction, no lust

Which could create a sincere desire for a deep romance that both could trust

But suddenly a handsome guy walks pass the gay man

And something happens that neither one of them has planned

The gay man is surprised to find his nerves began to tingle

And an excited lustful attraction within his emotions starts to mingle

But not all men can cause him to feel that way

Only the few his genetic make up “tingles” for to show that love would be O.K.

For all people gay or straight that “tingle” turns into a crush

And is the sole sensation we equate with a true love which can’t be hushed

Something not easily ignored

Our love genes have not purred; They have roared!

No one controls the mechanics of a lust

It is natural and spontaneous in its thrust

Before you know it you’ll be helplessly in love

And no help for it from a hell below or a heaven above

No help when it becomes part of natures plan

That a woman might lust for a man

That a man might lust for a womb man

That a gay man might lust for a gay man

That a lesbian might lust for a lesbian

One lives it, one cannot live a lie

There being little harm in it by and by

Love is love, is love, is love

Takes flight like an eagle and settles like a dove

But the human race seems up in arms

About the nature of these gay ones

Which I say is evolution – But only midway

And the resulting end to these evolving means are millions of years away

But if you’re born that way here today

You must live it, the orientation of your lust, is here to stay

You can ignore it while it nags at you

But it will not be going away

If it be spiritual (unlikely) then a God must undo

What he has spiritually done at the start

When the first miracle of love given to a human heart

(Before there was a woman)

Was immediately between male and male

The apex of a same-sex relationship

God must undo what was done and create female spiritually first

And in this next burst of creativity

Create the apex of an opposite sex relationship

Immediately between female and (himself) male

Or if it be genetic (likely) Then it is evolution midway through

And which has not completed its final revelation in what it intends to do

Therefore, in time, over millions of years, it will evolve and complete itself

Showing what evolution intends to do, and what new uniqueness nature has left

But what involves inquisitive YOU is to be able to calmly and intelligently learn to say

To any member of the “Gay Community”

Who might be romantically curious and come your way

“Sorry- you guessed wrong, I’m not gay, so you can’t date me

But I wish you luck in your search for a mate

Whoever that may turn out to be

And I take it as a compliment

That had I been gay

You might have wanted me.”

Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Flick

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