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Would You Date a Paraplegic?

I met someone on a dating site who is paraplegic. I am not sure if I can ever be with anyone that is paraplegic, should I stop now?

I am searching online in a dating site and if you haven’t been on one, don’t, especially if you work from your home…its pretty addicting and it will look like you are online all day long because on this particular site, you can’t hide. Its like you’re window shopping at the biggest mall in the world, you might miss something, and your eyes get tired and you forget that you have to actually work for a living. 

During my search pops up the one thing we all wait for when it comes to online dating, an email from an interested party. As you click on to open it, you’re hoping for him to be pretty much an eye candy, HOT, and then you also hope for that he is creative in his email, not one just to say, “thought I stop by to say HI,” or “you’re beautiful baby”…but instead you get a guy who is agelessly handsome, looks to be fit, and has written you an email of interest without showing anything but an interest and that he thinks you are incredible. As you read it, and then click on his profile to see what this wonderful man is about, you find out he is paraplegic.  

I remember meeting Eddie Keaton, there was a movie about him, who I thought was so cute, him and his friend, who was also paraplegic  would be surrounded by all these women, flirting, dancing, etc… at a nightclub. So I get an interest from a paraplegic man, we will call him Billy. His profiles states that he is not looking for a babysitter, nurse, just someone to love him, someone who loves to travel, be spoiled and be treated as a woman would want to be treated, adored. He is self employed, worth millions. 

We have been going back and forth with just a few emails, more of him wanting to know more about me. He finds me intriguing, very interesting, beautiful. I too find him the same, but, I am not sure if I can handle to taking care of another person…at least right now. And I know he can take care of himself, but down the line, when there is a picnic, a volleyball game, a dance, a wedding reception, I will wish that he could walk. I know its just the beginning of a friendship, but what if it keeps going and a true relationship happens?

Again, down the line I will wish that he could walk.

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