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You are Diplomatic Baby?

Whatever the reason, divorce can affect children psychologically. A half-brother of parent and child are married. Especially when.

You are diplomatic Baby?

“This is not something new., But most people who have children outside of marriage is found in” Karen Guzzo professor of human development and family studies.

Another factor, education, family structure, and family economic situation had midst. Other factors, including the number of family members in the family, divorce, and step-brother to the presence or absence.

Was born 1984-1980 interviews conducted with 9,000 children. The data were obtained from the Children Youth National Longitudinal Study.

Researchers are most likely to drugs, 65 percent live with a half-brother to use to found the children before the age of 15 years, dass These children are in danger of premarital sex.

Other studies also showed the negative effects of divorce on children’s self. According to the American Psychological Association found that most children of divorced parents unemployed, low education level, smoking and drinking alcohol more frequently and financially not well established.

However, the psychological effects of parenting styles in families, economic stability and the divorce occurs on many factors such as the age of the children that they should also be emphasized depends.

Even experts to understand the impact of father, mother farewell, children whose parents are divorced less than 7 years old.

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