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You are

The journey from the dreaded step sister to a great friendship.

You came into my life like a tornado wreaking havoc, not caring who you hurt.

Eventually your harm subsided and we built something together.

I embraced you like the sunlight on a cold day, hot chocolate after playing in the snow.

There were times when you were like rocks to my ribs, you were also ham to my cheese.

Seeing your smile made my day, watching you cry made me afraid.

I’d go to bat for you, but I’d also be the first to tell on you.

When you called me sister, my heart swelled with joy.

I never knew that you’d change my world so much.

You became my light at the end of the tunnel, I became your north star.

We were small beams of light in a dark world.

Somehow we made it past being step sisters to being friends.

You are my friend, the one I’ve had the most fights with, the one who has seen me cry too much.

I am the sister that kicked your butt and held a grudge for far too long.

All of it doesn’t matter though, we are friends.

All of this just to say I love you.

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