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Angelic Visitations: Messengers From God – Alien Interference or Just Made Up?

I recently conducted a rather extensive comparative religion study. Throughout much of this study, I noticed an interesting common thread with many belief systems. An inordinately large number of religions appear to be based upon a foundation built from special messenger angelic visitations.

If we are to believe many historic initiators of various religions, then it seems special messenger angels have taken it upon themselves to give divine encouragement, and even inspiration to the founding fathers of their faiths. Religious founders of this type include such notable examples as Mani, establisher of Manichaeism, Mohammed with Islam, Joseph Smith, father of Mormonism, John Ballou Newbrough, writer of OAHSPE and founder of the Universal Faithists of Kosmon, and most recently many so called New Age “trance channeling types”, such as Benjamin Crème, who says he regularly receives communications from “Ascended Masters”, and runs his non-profit org. Share International to share the messages he obtains from them.

Typically these “prophets” claim to have been visited by bright luminous beings. These angelic messengers often delivered targeted messages to these prophets, declaring them to be bearers of God’s word to many nations. The reoccurring theme here caused me to wonder about the root cause of this phenomenon.

With that in mind, I sought to create a list all of the possible explanations for what might be behind these believed angelic visitations. Were these “seers” really visited by messengers from God? Or could these visitors be of some other nature? Or for that matter, were there actually any visitors involved, at all? In my quest for an answer, I decided to not judge whether or not a possibility was probable or improbable, in an attempt to list all possible roots. I came up with three primary possibilities. I list them in what might seem reversed order, starting with the most skeptical to the least negative of possibilities. This order is not an attempt to prioritize, but rather a devise for clarity’s sake, since the third of these options is further sub-divided.

  1. Visitation Faked – {Flimflam Evangel Theory}
  2. Visitation Delusional – {Harvey Syndrome Theory}
  3. Visitation Occurred – But further sub-divided
  • a. – {Deceived Seer Theory}
  • b. – {Duped Seer Theory}
  • c. – {Alien Interference Theory}
  • d. – {Genuine Messenger Theory}

Explained in more detail, these are as follows:

1: The visitations really didn’t occur, and the alleged recipients of these angelic visits were/are con-artists, who lied about these visits, and were/are themselves seeking to control and manipulate others by using bogus messages to give clout to their self-styled belief system. {Flimflam Evangel Theory}

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  1. B10S

    On May 20, 2008 at 3:43 am

    Nicely written.

  2. Brenda Nelson

    On November 6, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    I have not seen an “angel” myself, I have however seen an Alien.. ah, but that is another storey..
    Anyhow that was a good thoughtful article.

  3. Eddy Pengelly

    On December 16, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Many angelic encounters documented in sacred texts were accounts of visits by Time Travellers.
    Details in the website World Breaking Discoveries.

    Encounters with ANGELS are described in many religious stories – such as those in the Bible, the Qur’an, and the Book of Mormon.

    Specific encounters documented in Prophetic Texts are chronicled accounts of targeted visits to the past by special Time Messengers.

    They took back with them specific cd-roms and history books to warn ancient prophets of future false religions by showing and describing a series of associated astronomical and historical events leading to a future ‘world war’.

    Those prophets were told by the time messengers to write down what they saw and what they were told.

    Those lead up events (religiously known as the End Time SIGNS) have occurred – and can be found in our history books.

    Published research Reports (available as E-Books) document the matching of biblically described SIGNS by Daniel (Old Testament) and John (New Testament) to actual historical events.

    Angelic ENCOUNTERS – Modern Objects Sighted and Reported

    PROPHETIC ENCOUNTERS with time travelling ‘Angels’ (one named as Gabriel) include such ancient people as Ani (1450BC), Moses (1230BC), Lehi and Ezekiel & Daniel (ca. 600BC), John (95AD), Mohammed (610AD), {Nostradamus,} and Smith (1820AD).

    In their various works…

    The Egyptian scribe, Ani, depicts and describes two compact disks and other computer parts, plus some cd-rom contents.

    Moses describes a computer and its parts and relates historical information about the ‘future war’ told to him. The fabled ‘tablets’ refer to two compact disks – being the same ones cited by Ani.

    Lehi and Mohammed describe the contents of a cd-rom, as do Ezekiel, Daniel, and John who also document ‘future historical events’ told to them.

    Smith documents holding plastic cd-rom Jewel Cases – being the ‘breatplates’ to which were fastened the ’seer stones’.

    Details in the website World Breaking Discoveries.

  4. Eunice Tan

    On February 6, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    Good article. Good study. Thanks for sharing this

  5. Alazame

    On April 7, 2009 at 6:45 am

    interesting, I have had my own experiences with angels over the years through the vision and the voice… I know that they exist.. as to what they are though?
    Maybe a servitors servitors.

  6. James

    On April 14, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    Angels, Time travelers, demons, ufo’s,and the like? The only true answers or rather instructions are in the Holy Bible. This is the only book with a complete history and instructions that is inspired by G-D! in other words the compilation of verses in the book were written by men but inspired by the HolySpirit through G-D himself! On exactly what to do and how to live. The only Entity in creation who can tranverse time and space and manipulate all 11 dimensions in existence is the Lord G-D Almighty. This is why he is Omnipresent. No one or nothing else can do this! This why you heard he can be everywhere at once and knows the exact numbers of the stars and the grains of sand on all the worlds beaches and the numbers of strands of hair on everyones head. He knoweth all things! (ALL!) Angels and Demons can travel by spheres of light or they can enter one dimensional portel to get from one area of great distance to another in and instant, but they can not travel backwards or forwards in time. Only the Great ” I Am” (G-D) can do this. This is how we know who G-D is when he sends Prophetic messages that turns out to happen exactly the way he said it at a latter time by the use of his righteous and humble servants. Anything or anyone else proclaiming new information or how to live or what to do that contradicts the true word of G-D is a deciever and a liar! We have already won the victory by being washed in the Holy Blood of the Lamb (Yeshua Moshiac) Jesus Christ! The Bible is the only thing we should read and specifically all the things highlighted in red are what G-D has spoken. Jesus said at the end times many will come in my name proclaiming that they are the Messiah, or “come quick, there he is”, but do not believe them, for they are a wolf in sheeps clothing sent to decieve! Jesus carefully warned us not to follow or believe them. If possible even the very elect would be decieved by the Antichrist, because of power that he will have and if we were not to be caught up with him in the clouds ( rapture) we would be decieved! There will be those left behind that will be forced to take the mark of the beast and have the power to buy or sell and if they dont, they will be killed! These will be the martyrs. Of course there will be people who will hide in the wilderness to avoid this. During the middle of this period of the Antichrist. He will commit the abomination of desolation by sitting in the holy temple of G-D in Jerusalem and proclaim himself to be G-D and demand that everyone worship him. This is when the Jews will recognize that he is not who he says he is! They will refuse and this is why he will direct all nations of the Earth to surround Jerusalem to destroy it, called the battle of Armegedon. The Antichrist will have this power since at this time he will be the ruler of the world government. Just before Antichrist attempts to destroy Jerusalem, Jesus will return with great and awesome power and glory from the clouds of the east, just as he left us during his resurrection. All people of the earth will witness this and the Jews will see the scars and holes on his hands and feet and they will weep and accept him as the Messiah as they will then know. Jesus will destroy antichrist and the armies that attempt to attack him with impunity and then place the antichrist, beast, false prophet and those not written in the book of life in the lake of fire to burn forever!Jesus will set up his kingdom in Jerusalem and rule. We can be written in the book of life by accepting Jesus into our hearts and believing he is the true Messiah and that he saved us from our sins by dying on the cross and being resurrected on the 3rd day. we must also confess this aloud to a witness with our lips. In the Bible, there is a verse that I beleive to be one of the most important and that is the book of John chapter 3 verse 16. This is instructions on how to be saved and have our names written in the book of life.

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