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Common Misconceptions About Atheists

The truth revealed.

In today’s highly religious world, people who are not religious are often judged or persecuted for being so. A main problem for them is all of the unfair stereotypes that they are branded with for their belief or lack there of. This can make it difficult to make friends, get jobs etc. Now I’m not saying that these stereotypes couldn’t possibly be true for some people, I’m just saying that painting all atheists with these same brushes is often an error in judgement.

  1. All atheists hate/have it out for religions and their followers… Nope. While some atheists are also anti-theists, most of them are just happy to go about their life not caring about what religion you associate yourself with and how they can tear it down. It doesn’t even cross their minds and they are completely fine with meeting new people without even the consideration of their religious views.
  2. Atheists don’t have morals… Couldn’t be more wrong. Atheists often have just as many morals as a religious person, they just base them off of something other than religious text. I find most of them find it very easy to develop a simple moral system around the golden rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s a formula for success and an idea that can form morals and still be completely separate from a religious context.
  3. Atheists think they can prove a god doesn’t exist… Not really. Sure, there are some nut jobs who claim complete knowledge of the subject but they are just that. Nut jobs. Most rational atheists agree that it is a possibility that the universe has a creator(s). Atheists simply feel there isn’t enough support or evidence for a god(s) and often hold the viewpoint that if enough substantial evidence were directed there way they would happily change their beliefs.
  4. Atheists are intelligent… Not all of them. While many people associate atheism with well known atheists in the scientific community, who are all quite brilliant, these people do not make up the bulk of the atheists of the world. This is not say that any of them are unintelligent. It’s just not right to say they’re all geniuses.
  5. Atheists are stupid because God’s existence is so obvious… Not to them. The way everyone in the world synthesizes the information they receive is different. Two people can look at a painting and see two slightly different things entirely, depending on how your brain processes the information coming in through your eyes. The same goes as to God being obvious. The same arguments someone gives to make God seem obvious may seem plausible to them but not necessarily to others.

There you have it. Five misconceptions about atheists/atheism that I have seen before and felt the need to address. I hope you now feel more informed and accepting of the atheists around you. Hopefully this can fuel new relationships in your life with people you would have otherwise categorized as, “That Atheist Guy/Gal” and lead you to many fruitful friendships in the future.

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