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Mankind and Religion

How religion has affected the morals and values systems of the human race.

Religion within the human race has performed the role of being the keystone in
determining the standard foundation in the vast worldwide morals, values, and ethics
systems. It has also been the basis upon which a plethora of individuals have lived their
lives, despite whether their reasoning may have based out of fear, love, anger, or passion.

Furthermore, mankind has always envisioned religion in many contexts based upon the
perceptions they have believed to be true. For some, religious convictions have dictated
little more than attending church on Sundays, but for others it has meant a conviction
dictating an extreme hostile action that had to result in the death of a martyr for religious
sanctification. This is because individual perception sets forth the tone in how one may
perceive religion.

It has always been a common misconception that parishioners in a particular
religious faction should base their views upon those of the priest, pastor, preacher, or
otherwise, without taking into account what they may hold to be truthful. That alone is an
abomination of what religion is. Religion was never meant to be only worship and
teaching, but also personal understanding has also been a key element in the meaning of
true religion. Without these factors religion is nothing more to mankind than a conceptual
theory of good deeds and ethical stories.

Subsequently, religion cannot, nor should it ever be viewed in a generalized
manner, but rather with the scope of specification in mind. The spiritual ideas, beliefs and
convictions that religious sects and denominations have accepted as truth are across the
board in terms of specificity. To generalize any of these cannot accrue any sort of justice
in understanding the principles and views set forth within any particular religious group.

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