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The Main Function of Religion in Society is to Control Weaker Social Groups by the More Powerful

The main function of religion in society is to control weaker social groups by the more powerful.

Religion only brings equality in society as it urge wealthier and stronger members or groups of a society to share their resources with the weaker members. For Example: In Islam, every one has equal rights. Rich is not better due to his wealth but he may be better due to his good deeds and character. This is the main function of religion that it should be equality in society i.e. every one should be dealt with justice. Particularly, in religious societies the roots of justice lies under a concept called “Hereafter”. This concept holds that every human will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment and he will be answerable to every act he has done in this world.

Every human is tested for the blessings he has been bestowed with and also he has tested in the tough time of struggle. That is why; the actions of a true believer in religion are more socially responsible than those groups who don’t believe in religion. That’s how the role of religion becomes very important in making society more powerful, united and competent i.e. by bringing order and eliminating lawlessness.

We as a Muslims offer prayer five times a day, Pay Zakat, observe fast, and perform pilgrimage at least once in a life time. These obligations teach us a lesson of steadfastness, to be more cooperative with weaker members of our society, and as we go for hajj we give a message of unity to the whole world.

A modest Islamic woman feels more secure and powerful by covering herself according to Islamic laws than adhering to the western culture. However, to some critics this is men, controlling the women i.e. weaker member of society, where as scientific analysis have shown that men are attracted by visual images, that is why we see guns and cars in baby boys hands, where as, a baby girls are more attracted to relationships, that is why we see dolls in the hands of baby girls. Further, this experiment has also shown the results that the observed behaviors are natural inclinations of the specific gender. Considering these scientific analysis we can argue that religion comes as a rescuer, not as oppressor to its weak members. That is why true Islamic societies offer more security, peace, order equality and freedom to its members than any other societies.

Note: Please note that from religion I only mean Islam. Because I am a Muslim I don’t want to hurt the feelings on Non- Muslims by commenting over their religion who actually control their weaker members in a negative way.

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