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Worshiping Ancient Sex Gods and Goddesses

There are countless sex deities who practice all levels of eroticism. Some of these deities pre-date Christianity by thousands of years.

I’ve always wondered when and why sex became this “nasty” word. Who came up with the idea that sex is to be shared with one person for the rest of your life, till the day you die. Who thought of this ridiculous idea? Let me guess- The Gentile religion? BINGO

The gentile religion has told its followers for ages that sex outside of marriage is wrong, and that they’ll burn in the fiery depths of hell and destruction. Hell, they even made Jesus into this sort of asexual man that had no interest in women, marriage, or reproducing. All he seemed interested in was his entourage of burly sweaty men following him around to spread his asexual and repressive religious message. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to Jesus bash or make you feel uncomfortable with my anti-religious rants. I’m just amazed at how the Gentile religion has systematically made us feel guilty about an emotion that is supposedly “God” given.

In other ancient religions that pre-date Christianity THOUSANDS of years, there were Gods and Goddesses that were worshiped and revered for their sexuality and sensuality. Gods and goddesses that had shrines and temples built in their honor.

There were Gods and goddesses that cured depression, loneliness, Haphephobia (The fear of being touched), and anxiety through sexual practices, techniques, movements, and Kundalini Energy. There were Goddesses that brought down entire empires and defeated armies with sex and seduction. Hell, even the mad Monk Rasputin was history making in this sexual exploits with the Romanov women, which ultimately brought down an entire family. Ok, maybe I’m giving you negative examples, but still- sex played a HUGE part in these History making moments!

Let’s not forget about Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture!

In honor of the great Ancient Gods and goddesses of sex and sexuality, I say THANK YOU!

Goddesses and Gods of Love and Sexuality

There are countless deities associated with love and/or sexuality in every culture throughout history, here are some!

Name: Origin/ Attribute

Achtland Celtic goddess Wanton love

Aedos Roman goddess Modesty

Aeval Celtic goddess Sexual relations/Small size

Aidin Celtic goddess Love/Sexuality

Aine Irish goddess Fertility/Love

‘Aisha Qandisha Morocco goddess Sexual activity

Ala Nigerian goddess Fertility/Morality

Alalahe Polynesian goddess Love

Al-Lat Arabic goddess Fertility/Procreation

AlpanAlpan Etruscan goddess Love

Ame-No-Uzume Japanese goddess Fertility

Amon Egyptian god Fertility

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  1. Ernest L Sewell, IV

    On October 17, 2008 at 11:04 am

    I understand the idea that Jesus was asexual, however that never made sense to me, even as a hardcore Independent Baptist boy back in Oklahoma. Here’s one thing that Christian’s forget. The Bible says that Jesus faced EVERY temptation that we would face. EVERY ONE. Now, if Christian’s believe the Bible in full, why can’t they put together that Jesus faced sexual temptations, desires, etc? The woman at the well (who was going to be stoned) was a prostitute. Who says she didn’t offer up favors to him for pulling her out from the front of the local pharisees? She might not have, but maybe she did. The one thing I dislike about “religion” is that it depends too much on tradition and “well it’s always been this way” opposed to, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. If Jesus was God in the flesh, as a human, why do Christian’s take so much time to dehumanize him? Now I’m not sure if I fully believe that Jesus was swinging at a bachelor party with John, Simon, James, Judas, Peter, and the other brothers, but did he at least face his own sexuality? Yes, I believe he did.

  2. john twomey

    On December 26, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    remember the gospills in the bible were selected by constantine the roman emperor at the time the bible was written he was also an avid sun worshiper

  3. Iris Judea

    On December 8, 2009 at 11:31 am

    Just many thanks for info and the message of facing your own sexuality, for without which how can there be a union, religious or otherwise? One Love with a dash of Sex, please!!

  4. S.

    On February 14, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Actually, Christianity was originally a Jewish sect. It is NOT a Gentile religion. It is the Abrahamic religions that are anti-women and anti-sexuality. They are also anti-Gentile.

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