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A Lot of Myths Circulating

A lot of myths circulating.

A lot of myths circulating about reproductive health. In order not to get lost incorrect information, the following facts about the function of the reproductive system and you need to look.

1. MYTH: Permpuan faster = first period naughty girl

FACT: There is no relationship between menarche with delinquent behavior. Menarche at the age of 10-15 years is influenced by nutrition and heredity. The younger age of menarche, older age at menopause.

2. MYTH: Virgin will bleed at first intercourse or first night

FACT: Virginity has a physical aspect refers to the hymen and social aspects which refers to a person who had sexual intercourse. Has the form of an elastic hymen. Women will vaginal discharge when aroused so not all women bleed during sex for the first time.

3. MYTH: Masturbation or masturbation only do men and cause knee hollow

FACT: Masturbation can be done both women and men. And this behavior can lead to injuries, exhaustion and fatigue if excessive, feel guilty and not concentration, dependent and not feel the need to mate.

4. MYTH: People hiperseks, astride the road and form flat buttocks

FACT: This is not related and only partner who knows that he hiperseks.

5. MYTH: Breasts can be enlarged by squeezing

FACT: The size of the breast caused by hereditary factors. Squeezing just a temporary increase due to stimulation. Meanwhile, big breasts does not affect the amount of milk production.

6. MYTH: Having sex does not cause pregnancy

FACT: The meeting of sperm and egg cells can lead to pregnancy despite only having sex once.

7. MYTH: Eating pineapple cause miscarriage

FACT: Anything eaten in excess will cause interference. Effect of food will affect the stomach and intestines, not for reproduction.

4 Ways to Keep the Reproductive Organs:

Changing underwear at least twice a day.

Wipe from vagina to anus with clean water and a vertical motion with a clean towel or paper towels, dry, damp and smelly.

Shave or trim pubic hair.

Avoid wearing tight pants and use a rinse vagina unless there is a medical indication.

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