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A Man’s View of Female Sexuality

This examines how a man perceives the sexuality of modern women. It considers how he believes a woman regards sex.

In the arena of sexual interest and pursuit, women are catching up to men. In the world today, women have often become the hunter instread of the prey. In terms of sexuality, little difference exists between men and women. Even in the locker rooms, conquests have become the topic of discussion as much for women as they ever were for men. Being sexually satisfied is a priority for the modern female.

It is becoming ordinary for women to sit around and comment on who they had sex with and how often. Size does matter in many of these conversations. Men are now looked at by women in the way women used to be seen by men. Body sizes are inspected to determine what the man will bring into the bedroom. Females look at men to see if anything shows. This seems a fair trade for the number of breast inspections performed each day by male counterparts.

A man who moves too slowly in making a sexual move may find himself left behind. On the other hand, he may find that his partner is not willing to wait for him and makes the move herself. In the sex department, a woman who is interested has an advantage over a man. Most men worry about rejection or being too forward. A woman usually can assume that a man will be ready if she is. This means that if she makes the moves, rejection is not nearly as likely as it is for a man doing the same thing.

Variety is an important part of a woman’s sexual experience. Missionary is still good, but it is just one option among many. Toys, vibrators, and numerous positions are needed to hold her interest over a long term. She expects a man to not only have the goods, but have some imagination and skill when he uses it.

Unlike a generation ago, women who engage in sex with a number of different partners are not always looked upon as a skank or a slut. The men that they seek will see their experience as a plus to the relationship. Women may view her in a more negative light, but liberation comes with some cost. Only the most conservative of men will consider a woman who is a willing sexual partner to be a negative.

The standard for being considered loose has been lowered a lot in recent years. Unless a woman lines up multiple partners per day, she is not likely to be viewed as overly promiscuous. Having a sexual encounter a few times per week with the same or different partners is acceptable to many people as long as she is not too public about it. The reality is that most sexually active single women like most men, engage in sex a few times per month. Whether she is the hunter or the prey is not too important.

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