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Bedroom Moves That Men Love

Men are just as sensitive in the bedroom as women are. Try these bedroom tips.

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The passionate kiss – more than just a seduction move, it’s a way of saying “I love you” without words.

The sensual massage – allows you to show your sensual side without being cheesy.

Woman on top – Aside from being a visual treat, it’s a massive compliment making a man feel it’s her pleasure giving him pleasure.

Sex from behind – It shows that the woman is confident with her body and thus it creates a sense of adventure for a man to enjoy the sexual experience even more. Men find confident women sexy.

Oral sex – It shows how happy a woman is to be really intimate with a man. It’s very flattering to see a woman worshiping his most precious part. He’ll never forget you.

Watching a woman touch herself – This is also a major turn-on. It is also a great way to find out how a woman wants to be touched without engaging in a clinical conversation.

Talking naughty – It creates and added dimension in a relationship when a woman shows she’s comfortable enough to let go of her inhibitions. It shows a sense of trust that she’s even prepared to risk embarrassment so that he can open up as well.

Cuddling after sex – If the relationship is based on love, it reassures both parties that what they have is beyond physical. It’s good to savour the feeling and he can relax and forget the day’s stress. It is very intimate and the hugs show how strong the relationship is.

If you’ve already done all of these before, then it’s time to level up to the New Sex Positions To Try

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