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Farrah Alleges That She and James Were Dating!

Is it true?

When asked about this picture and WHY
he and Farrah were holding hands he 
responded with “We just finished our STD
tests and were happy to have it out of the
way”. But I think maybe Farrah’s story holds
some validity.

Farrah did an interview with Top 5 discussing popular misconceptions that fans and people have about her. That list consisted of topics such as her mom and dad, selling the media false stories, being a horrible mom and of course her sex tape. When they got to the subject of her sex tape Farrah said,

“I’m a porn star, because I had sex with a boyfriend and taped it and the got the upper hand in a fight and sold rights to Vivid, rather than giving everyone a free show. I only wanted to make one video for myself, and I never need to make another one again.”

This is very complicated because Farrah was little clingy and ”personal” in her sex tape with a guy that she supposedly “used to make a sex tape” with. And if they were “dating”, is it believable that James thought that he scored big time by getting a Teen Mom star to make a sex tape with him and decided to use that to his advantage? On the other hand, HOW did these two meet? And WHY would Farrah want to “date” a porn star and make an “innocent home video for a keepsake”? There is still a lot about this that just doesn’t make sense. one or both of them are not revealing the whole story. 

What do you think, were they dating or was this a “private” business deal gone public?


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