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Freud’s Libido and The New Millenium

An article explaining libido and "interest energy" and how it can relate to everyday life. This article is informative and empowered, regardless of if you’re into psychology.

Libido as we know it, is defined as vigor especially as sexual vigor. In fact, whenever we usually hear this word in the media, it’s referring to desire for sex or sexual appetite. When Freud used the term libido, he envisioned a whole other realm of libido. Freud envisioned an actual storehouse of energy that was contained within the human brain, and that storehouse of energy was to dole out energy for any purpose, including and excluding sex.

Freud viewed the human nervous system as a vast storehouse of energy. In fact, libido was coined by freud as the fuel of all human life. Libido as Freud knew it was sexual energy that could be used to do normal things. Isn’t that interesting that back in Freud’s time anyone would think of all energy as sexual energy? Would it be mroe interesting to think about it that way in today’s world? Regardless of it’s relation to sex, libido could be converted into energy by the simple act of thinking about something, which has earned libido the phrase “interest energy”. 

So what are you thinking about right now? Most likely that’s where your libido or “interest energy” is going. For example, if you were thinking about an upcoming ski weekend then your energies are busy with skiing. In fact, your brain might be preparing your body to ski or preparing your body for the rigorous social interactions you’ll have at the ski lodge. That brings up one important fact about libido, it mobilizes the body.

How can libido be used consciously? It’s as simple as thinking about your goals. Thinkng about your goals will mobilize your body and get you ready to use whatever resouces you have on hand to bring your goals closer to reality. If you’re lucky, your libido will be overflowing and you’ll be ready for your wishes!

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