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HOW to Drive Your MAN Wild in BED

Many men complain that they do not get a enough sexual attention from their woman. If you are such a woman there are ways you can satisfy your man and he will beg for more. This articles focus on male erogenous zones. Your ability to discover this sensitive areas of a man body and play with them will go a long way in making your relationship very worthwhile.

Many men are looking for a woman that can drive them wild in bed. It is only women who understand the erogenous zones of men and also know how to stimulate them that can satisfy the desires of these men. Most women focus attention on the penis only when it comes to a man sexual point. However, beyond the penis there are a lot of sexual parts of a man that can really make a man to be at his sexual peak when it is well stimulated. The following are the erogenous zones of a man which you should stimulate constantly to bring your man to melting points.


Just like a woman ear, the man ear is also very sensitive to stimulation. The man ear is full of tiny nerve endings. You can use your fingers, lips and tongue to explore every area of his ear including behind the ear. Start slowly with whatever you feel is comfortable with and you should be able to tell what turns him on and what does not.   Do much for him by his reactions. Also, men tend to love when his partner lets him know what she is enjoying, so do not hesitate to moan or breathe in his ear. This tends to stimulate him erotically.


Do you know that men love kissing just like the women?  You should kiss him passionately because it makes him feel wanted and desired. During the course of kissing your man you should try to be a little bit creative.  As you kiss your man, you should try to capturing his bottom lip gently between your teeth or sucking on his tongue such seductive steps usually drives men wild!


Most women ignore is area. But this area is equally as sensitive just like that of the woman. You can stimulate the neck with light kisses and also try to run your tongue across the neck. But avoid wetting this area with your tongue or leaving marks.


Most men would love to have their hair stimulated by a woman. Gently massages his scalp with your fingers and that will make you feel being loved.


A man chest can be quite sensitive to stimulation. Just focus on his nipples by drawing it up with your mouth and lightly seizing it with your teeth. At that moment, you can watch his reaction.




These areas are also sensitive to stimulation or touch. You can kiss them, touch them, nibble them or lick them. As you does it watch his reaction and that will also stimulate you.


The glans head is one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s body.  The very tip of a man’s penis that looks almost like a purple helmet is the glans head. You can stimulate this area with your tongue, lips and entire mouth. Your man will always ask for more.


The perineum on a man is situated between the anus and the scrotum. Some men love to have this area gently fondled during foreplay and during the main sex session. For more stimulation, try to moisten the area with lubricant before gently massaging. To be a little more adventurous, you may want to venture to the man’s anus- it is very sensitive and can bring about a great deal of sexual pleasure.


This is one of the most sensitive parts of a man s body you cannot ignore and must be handled with care. There are a number of names for this part of a man’s body including his balls, sac or nuts.  Rub his scrotum in your hand and gently fondle them, lick them or even gently suck them.

If you really want to keep that man for damn good put into practice some of the above steps and your man will be yours for ever. He will also make you happy in a way you would love to.

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