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How to Get a Woman Hot, Willing and Naked

Most men do not know how to seduce a woman. Let me tell you how to…

I have been a relationship expert and life coach for many years.  I know about sex, love, relationships, how men and women tick, what they want,  and how they can get it.  I also have had a great love life myself for many years, with no shortage of good admirers who would treat me well.  Let me use my personal and professional experience to help YOU get what you want.

The whole idea of seducing a woman is to get hot sex.  Most of us can get ordinary sex easily but to get hot sex is quite different!  It is pulsating, exciting and earth shattering.  Fantastic sex is obviously going to be harder to get than ordinary sex. 

There are two ways to get a woman hot and naked.  Which way is best for you depends on YOU. Depends on your personality, age, whether or not you are married and how you talk to women.  You will find my articles how to get a woman into bedhow to get a woman to have sex with you,   and how to get free casual sex very helpful.

Now choose which of these two ways is best for you….    Remember that women are not stupid. They are far more likely to choose a young man than an old man,  a good looking man over an ugly man, a man with a fine physique over a fat man, a man with a nice personality over a nasty or a boring man, a single man over a married man etc….

The truth is that many men can only bed a good looking, attractive, sexy woman if they pay.  If they are happy to make do with a fat, ugly old common woman it is a lot cheaper,  for obvious reasons.  But an attractive, good looking sexy woman will have lots of men wanting to bed her and she can pick and choose.  She will do the best she can just as the man does.  She will have men offering her money for sex and she will probably be working as a prostitute if she is into casual sex.  The younger, sexier and better looking she is,  the classier she is,  the more she will charge.  That is the truth.

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  1. An Appalled guy

    On June 5, 2012 at 4:41 am

    You are a complete idiot. You’re a female whom seems to be full of it, and on top of that seem to break the law often by whoring yourself out. There were no useful tips whatsoever except to have men break the law. Simply becoming friends with wonderfully charming girls and somewhere down the line having casual sex is also a very high possibility. I hope your ugly, skinny, bony ass gets the hiv virus like it deserves so women like you can die out and stop making fine girls and guys feel horrible about themselves.

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