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Lindsay Lohan Desperate Reason Pose Naked

"Sex and sexuality are part of nature. And I went with nature."

Lindsay Lohan has binding contract with Playboy Magazine U.S.$ 1 million. With high honors, Playboy asked Lohan undressed and the cover of the magazine.

Many believe, the artist who is familiarly called Lilo is deliberately accepted the offer was tempting because he was facing financial difficulties.
However, Lilo has denied the news. He is willing to do so to express themselves.

“Sex and sexuality are part of nature. And I went with nature,” said Lilo as quoted from Bettyconfidential.
“Knowing yourself and your body is very important because it gives you confidence.

And in life, women need confidence,” he said. Regarding the various responses about posing nude in Playboy, Lilo would not give a damn.
He impressed casually responded.

“I think all are part of the tendency of people want to know every detail of celebrity life,” he said. Indeed, the plan poses exciting Lilo will be published edition of Playboy magazine for January or February 2012.

However, because some poses nude Lilo has been leaked on the internet, the owner of Playboy, Hugh Hefner asked to immediately publish a magazine with a cover Lilo end this December.

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