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Make Him Whisper Pumped

According to a new study, talking about sex while you’re having sex will increase satisfaction in bed.

A sex expert Eric Garrison, who is also the author of the book Mastering Multiple Position Sex, swearing you and your partner will get more pleasure when you say it in bed during lovemaking.

1. “Make me scream like yesterday”

  Remind him make you satisfied is incredible sex drive for her. Plus, the memories can make you even hotter.

2. “Kiss me here”

You provide information to him necessary and only he knows in bed. Moreover, it wanted to leave a little room for error that makes your passion down.

3. “I particularly like it when you …”

One of the biggest fears her husband is unable to provide sexual satisfaction to his wife. Your partner will desperately to please and satisfy you in bed, so he’ll do what you say next. Basically, you tell him what to do but in a way that’s sexy.

4. “Say you will”

It is a good response when your partner says she likes one sex position or he is hot-hot. Bonus you get to know more more things she likes. And he will be happy and satisfied if you actually do the things you like.

5. “Yes, absolutely”

Groans, sighs did help, but telling your partner when you really enjoyed a lot more effective.

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