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Piropo: A Powerful Latin Seducing Technique

If you are interested in increasing your seduction power, you may want to consider this classic Latin approach to women.

There are some words that simply cannot be exactly defined, except within the Spanish language, “piropo” is one of those. A “piropo” is “a flirtatious or poetic compliment to a woman”. Adapting the priopo style to the woman it is intended to is considered an art by latin men… and women. A clever piropo is a key to a woman heart… or bedroom!

I have chosen some examples that shows the versatility of this powerfull flirting tool. Again, remember to chose the most adapted style and your love life will greatly improve.

Romantic/Poetic: This style is ideal for old-fashion ladies. Also when you don’t want to be rude or it is risky to go beyond a certain point without offending your woman. Try these ones and she will be flattered, without feeling harassed. She will take it like a polite compliment.

“If beauty was a sin, you’d never be forgiven.”

“I want to do with you what Spring do with the cherry trees”

“Angel, are you real?”

“Does it hurts to be so pretty?”

Humouristic: Ideal for younger women, try it when you think making her laugh is essential to seducing her. Behind the humor, she will feel the attack, and will definitively answer it:

l”Oh! If you could cook like you walk, I want to eat scraps!”

“So many curves, and me without brakes.”

Sexual: Be sure the woman is open-minded and she likes you. Otherwise she will feel offended and you will never get to home.

“I would never penetrate you: I would be so sad to take it out!”

“Let’s make love until we stink!”

Gross: Use this style when you want her to feel desired and offended at the same time. Ideal for pretentious girls that ignore you… and will continue to do so.

“Tell me who is your ginecologist, I will suck his fingers!”

“What a nice pan to cook my banana”

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