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Signs of a Manipulating Woman-is She Playing Mind Games?

Love works in mysterious ways. It is very easy to quickly fall for someone when your looking for a long term relationship. In some cases, many relationships become abusive and controlling in different ways. When a woman is being manipulative it can lead to loneliness and her partner being isolated from the world and unable to leave the drama. Detecting these signs early can prevent a manipilative relationship from going any further before danger hits.

Controlling The Money. A manipulative woman may try to control the relationship by convincing her partner that he can’t make it financially without her by using money. She will begin to spend money on him by buying clothes, and making sure his personal needs is taking care of. If he becomes unemployed and no money, everything will stop and she will hold it against him financially.

Pretends To Be Depressed. When a woman is being manipulative she will often pretend to be depressed, stressed when the relationship is going to end. She might even pretend to kill herself if you attempt to leave her.

Money Games. Many women enjoy playing mind games to manipulate their partners. For instance, a woman may satisfy her partner sexual needs by having good sex and going on romantic dinner dates, but as soon as he does something to upset her she with-drawls from sex for days or a weeks.

Hates Communication. A woman may hate talking about her problems or how she is manipulative and controlling. She plays the silent treatment for a day or two just to make you unhappy.

Isolation. A manipulative woman will convince her partner that his family is the cause of their problems. She might try to use guilt to stop her partner from seeing his family and friends. She wants to be in control of everything and him too.

She Loves To Blame Others. Each time a problem occurs, a manipulative woman blames the problem on her partner. She uses the guilt and blame game to make her partner feel as though he’s caused all the problems in the relationship. Also if a woman is always threaten, talking about violence to her partner just to keep him around or whether she follows through or not, it is a sign of manipulation, control and abuse.

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