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The Big “O” | How to Give Her The Big “O” and The Attention It Deserves

Is there a patented formula for orgasm? Many men and women think "if I master the correct technique, then it would happen." But the truth is that you can not force. The recipe for orgasm is formed partly from the creation of an environment suitable for the game with fireworks, and partly to allow this to happen.

What do I mean? While you can achieve the correct help you get on the heights of climax , female orgasm is actually in the same way as the brain is in touch and physical pleasure. 

The question is: give her the big “O” the attention it deserves? 

An orgasm is when you complete this in time, when the mind is focused on the details, and the work that is happening right now . Do not run in mind a list of things that are going to do, or need to do, do not ask how you look and you’re not concerned about what your partner thinks. You only think about the experience, the physical sensations and the connection between you and your partner. If you give up all other thoughts, it is more likely that you get what you want. 

Marele ONext time you’re looking for an orgasm , try to block all other thoughts, except the “here and now.” 

Your mind should concentrate on: 

  • Achieve your partner 
  • The way your partner smells 
  • Energy between you two 
  • Physical sensation in your genitals – visualizes the flow of energy and warmth as you realize that connection with your partner and imagine that heat going through your whole body. 
  • Experience new ways to reach 

    Enjoy the moment! 

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