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Tonight – Only with Yourself | There’s Nothing Wrong with Self-gratification

You where you what, but I have someone? Ironically!However, do not try to calm your hormones just one serving of chocolate. Better try to find "solitary pleasure." No, you’re not pathetic or desperate, no sin, and will not go blind if you enjoy my body. The biggest sin is that you do not know yourself.

When you have a stable partner, or happen to be separated from it for a while, get ready for the first meeting with yourself . And do not say you do not need. We women feel a certain reluctance towards the idea of masturbation, why not practice it too. But this is could not be more wrong.And we are sexual beings, and we need the physical closeness of a man, and no matter how we try to our minds, our bodies feel the need to release that sexual tension. 

Diseara doar tu cu tineThere’s nothing wrong with self-gratification 

Men have understood this. If you have to ask your ex-boyfriend (who has not yet even he was in another relationship) every time the teen , you will meet between one and three times a day (depending on free time that I have available) while you … 2 times in the last three months? And you think this gives dovata how are you master of the situation, and how you do not need a man? Wrong. 

Sexologists believe that if you alternate masturbation had sexual relations with a much more successful intimate couple. It does not mean he does not satisfy you with just that sometimes you also need that time to yourself. 

Only with yourself 

When you get back from work tired and your partner is very stressed and caught up with a project, probably out of the question about sex. But you can get into the bath tub to fill with water and foam, to light a lumane and … to relax, easing the stress of the day and sexual tension. Surely you out of the bathroom smiling, giving them up to make a coffee lover to better focus the project faction, instead of being stressed, morose and grumbling all the time that you had a bad day, and now he not for you. 

It is a simple exercise, you release stress and tension from your body. Located in the tub with water, turn on the shower and adjust the water temperature. Directs the stream of water on the genitals, especially to the clitoris, and vary the intensity of pressure. It is an indirect way of autostimulare , appealing to a different object to give you pleasure, which can help you get rid of inhibitions. 

Tonight, when you get home, under the pretext of going to take a shower, go to the bathroom and discover the pleasure that subtle and intense at the same time. Do not know no one but yourself. You can turn everything into a ritual of delight. Fill the tub with foam, drip a few drops of aromatic oils, light some candles and make a nice music. You’ll feel relaxed, happy and you will sink into a deep erotic. 

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