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Want Younger? Routine Love

This article contains the benefits of sex that makes a person look younger.

Sex has tremendous significance in marriage. In addition to strengthening the bond of love, sex performed on a regular basis can also make you look younger and couples.

Dr.David Weeks, a researcher and psychologist said the middle-aged couple who have sex regularly appear 5-7 years younger than their actual age.

Weeks did a survey of thousands of couples. Revealed that those aged 40-50 years and youthful sex 50 percent more (about three times a week).

According to Weeks, the satisfaction which arises from sex is an important factor to slow aging. Biology also plays a role, since the release of endorphins, when someone feels being happy.

Endorphins can also act as a natural anti-pain, expel anxiety, and help you sleep soundly.

Growth hormone is also released when we make love known to help keep skin elastic and prevent wrinkles.

Not only that, sex also helps burn fat and release of chemicals to improve the body’s immune system.

“Sex is fun and has many benefits. Therefore aktiflah sex, including an elderly couple,” he said.

He also rejected the notion that calling retire retirement also means love. “Sexual satisfaction is an important factor in quality of life, equivalent to spritialitas and commitment of marriage,” he said.

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