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Weather Aids The Success of “Flirting”

Weather aids the success of "flirting"

People who want to find a partner may have to wait for suitable weather, because according to a new study in France, teasing (flirting) or approaching the opposite sex was most effective when the sun is shining.

The study involved 20 men in the “interesting”. They approached and asked for the phone number of the women aged 18-25 years who was walking alone on the road. The action is carried out when the weather is sunny and cloudy in the same relative temperature.

As a result, the weaker sex more approachable and tend to want to give her phone number on a bright day (22 percent), compared to when the weather is gray (14 percent). The study results were published in the journal Social Influence

The discovery shows that approaching the opposite sex tend to be more successful when done on sunny days, said lead researcher Nicolas Gueguen of the University of South Brittany in France, as quoted from page 24 Health,

It is the first study to find out how the weather influences on the behavior of male and female relationships.

However, the relationship between the weather and the success of the approach in the study did not prove a causal relationship.

Previous studies have found that environmental factors such as romantic music and a certain color makes people tend to approach or exchanging phone numbers.

According to another study, the weather can also affect certain social behaviors. For example, sunny weather makes people more likely to help a stranger, answering a survey, or give more tip money in the restaurant.

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