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What is The Best Time to Make Love?

What is your best time?

There are people who love making love to wake up. Others like more s ago, the nap time or when there is no light.

It is a fact that each person feels s more predisposed to a few hours of the day than others, it is influenced by factors such as fatigue, modesty, our biological clock-Meteorological, the unexpected … but all have their to “that. “

With his pajamas

On Saturday or Sunday morning, if there are no children at home can be the perfect time to enjoy with your partner in bed, seldom have much time left and are so fresh.

For them it is a physiological issue: the morning erections are the best a man canhave. For it is more a mental issue, nothing better than your partner willing, the body rest and know that you’ll have a very, very well.

The naptime

The siesta is a pleasure that we can seldom afford. Â Can you imagine if, in additions, can throw you for a while with your partner? The possibilities are many: a sofa, abed, a garden, a beach, the countryside …

Having satisfied stomach invites relaxation and neglect and can be a good time toenjoy sex so s more subtle, sweet and quiet.

The time of hiding

The afternoon is a special moment of unexpected encounters, less common or mores-intentioned. It’s time for the breaks, the Â ”here I catch you, here I’ll kill you” andmore s unexpected places: the office, parking, a tester, a bath room ± o. .. . Always take your canvas © phone mobile phone case comes up for the call as expected. Butat the time of the meeting do not forget to turn it off is not going to get a callinappropriate.

After work you can make a special appointment with your partner in algae º n differentplace. An exciting evening may be the prelude to a night of intense passion. sFurthermore, at this time we are often quite active, with all the senses in operationand can be quite fun to get out of Â ”traditional schedule. “
What will the night …!

The night is, par excellence, the ideal time to make love. Darkness invites: the shameof the naked body, fears and taboos are disappearing. If there is a time forinhibitions, is this. Evening cocktail places are full of people wanting to have fun, of friends who can stop being one, of strangers who may end up knowing, or coupleswho know that then sleep together.

There are many hours ahead to enjoy, especially a weekend. Against stress there is no better soporific. If you finish dinner, wait a little, poor digestion prevent you frommaking too many sexual prowess.

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