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When Our Date Dresses Horribly

Dressing is an important factor. It is detrimental in deciding other important things too. while dating if you find your date has dressed in a wrong way then?

A high energy Green Day’s tune is the soundtrack on your trip from your house to her place.

You tap on the wheel and sing the words aloud: you are going to pick up your date and everything is fine.

You take a curve in a very casual way, then a short straight road and you pull over. You give her a ring and, five minutes later, you see the door of her apartment building opening. She slowly appears. You turn and look. There’s something wrong but you don’t want to admit to yourself yet.

She walks to the car while you keep on staring at her and what you see is still not something you like. You think “Maybe, when I’ll see her up close her clothes will look better”.

But they don’t. She hops into your car and you drive off taking with you a girl dressed in an awful way. For as long as you try to relax and enjoy your night out, you can’t help thinking about her clothes.

When she gets out of the car you cast her whole figure a lingering, hopeful look. But there’s nothing to do, it’s time to be honest with yourself: from which ever way you look at her, her clothes suck.

You are sipping a cocktail in a bar and she’s telling you about her day at work: her boss has been very rude and unfair with her by taking a previous assignment from her and giving it to a mean colleague of hers. You think that possibly he did it because of her clothes. She tells you a funny story about her mother who tries to teach her things all the time as if she were a little girl. You’re not sympathetic, better still; you blame her for not having listened to her mother enough. If she had done it, maybe now she would choose her clothes more wisely.

You start replying to her in an unpleasant way. You realize you are actually risking getting into an argument because of your attitude towards her. Perhaps you should tell her. But what, that you honestly think that her looks suck tonight?

It’s hard to imagine getting away with it, no matter how convincing your explanation is going to be.

What could you do then?

I want to get this straight: you have entered very dangerous territory where the chances to come out alive are few.

Actually, there’s just one way, one smart, little trick that might get you out from the snake’s den. Sex. Yes, you got it right. Turn the dine-drink-chat-laugh night out into a wild, breathless sex marathon and you’ll get away with it. First of all, you won’t see those horrible clothes for quite some time and secondly the sexual satisfaction will make you forget and forgive her awful look, at least this time.

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