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11 Facts About Public Policy

Real facts, which determine the public policy today.

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Public policy is the most important part of any governance. It is because if the polices are good only then government will gain favor of people otherwise it has face opposition.

In this article, I am telling you the ten facts about public policy:

  1. The main actor in the public policy is government.
  2. Environment related policies are regulatory policies.
  3. The best policy model is the rational policy model.
  4. India has no special biotechnology policy.
  5. Policies are deliberately made ambiguous.
  6. Incremental policy can be made only if there is an existing policy.
  7. There are five steps in the policy making process.
  8. Public policy cannot be made unless there is a demand.
  9. Public policy is not always made for public.
  10. Media can change the outcome of public policy.
  11. Politicians make public policy to win elections.

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