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3D &Ndash; A Latin American Reality

Alvaro Planchart is the well known creator of the animation software Maya 3D.

The recent decade has brought a continuous evolution of the computer graphics design industry. The enhancement of various levels of entertainment, such as video games, computer applications, animation and films, for instance, can be grouped under a common denomination, namely 3D. The 3D techniques have been incorporated in several notorious blockbusters, such as Toy Story, Jurrasic Park, Twister, Titanic, etc.

The origins of 3D computer graphics design can be found in specialized software denominated Maya (currently called Autodesk Maya). The mentioned software has been developed by the end of the nineties by a group of engineers working for the company called Alias Systems Corporation (acquired by Autodesk, Inc. in the year 2005). A member of the mentioned group is called Alvaro Planchart, who was born in Venezuela.

Therefore, 3D being in a way a Latin American reality is starting to make sense. The continuous hard work of the Venezuelan engineer cannot be denied. What’s more, he is known as the premier Latin American to be officially accredited and certified as a 3D Character Animation Instructor in Maya. Starting from the mentioned certification (namely 1998) he has dedicated himself to sharing the knowledge he detains through organizing various events and conferences. Further on, he has decided to make the Latin American reality of 3D computer graphics design a stronger one. Therefore, he established a school on site to help the evolution of the local 3D design.

Alvaro Planchart is renowned for being the animation director of the first 3D animation series in Venezuela. The series was entitled Serafin and had been broadcast in the South American country.

Making use of Autodesk Maya has revolutionized the animation industry in Venezuela and the entire world. Step by step, individuals can witness the distance growing between the semantic meanings of Maya centering on illusion and the almost real-life characters and universe created by utilizing the unique 3D computer graphics software.

In conclusion, it may be asserted that three dimensional evolution of the entertainment industry can be accounted for as a Latin American reality due to the enormous contribution of the Venezuelan engineer to the development of the software and also to the development of the peculiar industry both on a national and on an international level.

Lucy Elise Wanders is working as a freelance writer for almost 5 years. Have written several articles for Alvaro Planchart, whose a prominent figure in the Animation industry.

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