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Aliens in The Past

Did Aliens really visited our planet in the past or it was our ancestors imagination.

Today the topic of UFO is very fashionable and widespread.Everyone is talking about the little green men and their close encounters with humans.Although a few people know that UFO is not a new phenomenon at all.There are many scientists today which are convinced that Earth had been visited by aliens ever since the dawn of the human civilization.Their theory is that the aliens looked so strange to our ancestors that they thought they were Gods from the Heavens which possessed many supernatural powers.These theory is pretty plausible since the archeologists have discovered some ancient artifacts which are pretty strange.One example is the finding of a 2000 years old mechanical device on the bottom on the Mediterranean sea which was crafted with such precision which was not possible until the end of the 17 th century when the first mechanical clocks appeared.

That is not the only unexplained artifact.There are many more such as the crystal skull which was discovered in the Central America 50 years ago.The shape of the skull was almost perfect made from a single chunk of crystal.The precision with which it was crafted was simply unachievable with our modern technology which puzzled many serious scientists.there are laso many architectural monumets which were also built with great precision which was practically impossible at that time. let us take for example the Egyptian Pyramids.They were humongous buildings.Every single stone block from these pyramids weighed almost two metric tons.these blocks had to be lifted on an enormous height and placed with an utmost precision on their place.Some traditional scientists speculate that this was achieved with a massive use of slave labour and great organizational skills but that is hardly the truth.there other peculiar facts which raise doubt whether these Pyramids were constructed really by humans.One of them is that the three largest of them were aligned exactly to the Orion constellation in the sky which can not be achieved with a nearly stone age technology which was available at that time.

Another fact that is very interesting is that nearly all of the ancient civilizations(the Egyptian, the Mesopotamian, the Maian etc) had very developed calendar and great knowledge in astronomy and about the celestial heavenly bodies.Where did they get that knowledge from we may never know, but nevertheless the fact remains.There also many other evidences found in the ancient texts of many civilizations which hint unambiguously that our planet was visited many times by an Aliens.

The big question is why have not they contacted us in the present.That question will be answered sooner or later and we will know whether we were the guinea pigs of a powerful civilization or real society with real values

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