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An Appreciation of The Ancient History, Aztec Tattoos

Some historians show their respect to the time that has passed by making decorative Aztec tattoos. Read the story here!

Aztec tattoos exist among the abundant numbers of traditional tattoo designs. The meaning behind them is various as lots of designs can be classified under the ancient name of Aztec. We’ve seen some like the depiction of the great pyramid within the green lush Mexican rain forest. We’ve also run across some figures of primitive daggers made of stone which are believed to be used by Aztec people in their sacrificial ceremony.

In that case, we think it’s safe to assume that the owners of the tattoo are those who have great respects to history. Aztec civilization has long been obliterated by the Spanish explorers and what are left now are just some ruins of its glory. Yet, these people adore the culture and all craftsmanship made when Aztec people were still in prosperity. They make tattoo that shows off the glorious construction of the ancient pyramid. They also respect the artistic soul of Aztec warrior by making tattoos rendering the complex sculptural relief found in the ruins.

Aztec Calendar (Photo credit: YoTuT)

This is probably because that the extinct civilization of the Aztec is pretty interesting for them. Despite their primitive and brutal nature, Aztec warriors are talented artists that spend their time making poem or performing a drama when there are no foreigners that can be considered as significant threat. This is told in the historical note that is saved during the Spaniards invasion on the great land of America.

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