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“Ancient Aliens” Attacks The Bible Again

"Ancient Aliens", a popular television show on the History channel, has often challenged the Bible’s teachings. This time they say that the isrealites had a manna machine when they were in the wilderness for 40 years.

        ”Ancient Aliens” is not new to challenging Biblical accounts,  but they do manage to come up with more and more incredible theories about how the Bible can be explained away by Alien encounters throughout history. While the show has the right to say whatever it want, can it really be called History?

         According to the the “experts” on ancient alien encounters, when the Israelites were in the wilderness, found in Exodus, they had a manna machine. This machine would make manna out of the moisture in the air, and certain types of algae. It would use a type of laser and heat to make the algae and moister merge, and age faster.

        This picture is of a re-creation of the “manna machine” they believe the Israelites had. They say the power supply would have been stored in the arc of the covenant. According to them, this would explain why people often died when they touched the arc, because the power supply would have been radioactive. ”Ancient Aliens” claims this machine would have been given to the Israelites as a gift by extraterrestrials, or that it was stolen from the Egyptians when they left.

        These stories seem a little far fetched, and are made just to explain why it might be possible, for these amazing events in history, to have happened without divine intervention.

         ”Ancient Aliens” often challenges Christianity, and Christian beliefs, to learn more click here.

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