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Chariots of The Gods – Erich Von Daniken

Ancient aliens…

Ancient Astronauts

Many people understand the mystery of life as they wish. Some of them explain it through science, others by supernatural. Some are religious, and multi necessarily want to introduce here and factor X. rather, alien influence in the evolution of humanity. Paleoastronautice These theorists believe that at one time, aliens have visited us and we have learned what civilization. Then they went back into space. How true and verifiable are their sources? In this article we will see that they are disparate, fragmented and not use logical arguments. It is based on science, but use only one who can understand and that favorable.

Theory tends to rely on coincidences, games and similarities between different civilizations shadows taken from the studies of the history of religions and comparative mythology. A Zeitgeiest as the planet is manipulated by ET Daniken was among the first to launch this hypothesis and show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel is the one who popularized it excessively.

Further, we have opinions, observations and “facts” such indirect “true” alien.

Oservatorul of Mount Palomar located at 1,800 meters above sea level in the mountains of California is equipped with the largest reflector telescope and his huge concave mirror intensify light most distant stars 1000 times. Telescope on Mount Palomar can see up to 400 million years light. “Giant Eye” from Mount Palomar can see billions of stars in the heavens, but investigators today knead a question scientifically ditch namely: how many of these stars can be no life?

We know for sure that in our galaxy there are 50 million stars. But could support a more evolved form of life? It is possible that our planet at some point in the past have had visitors from 50 million stars? World expert in rocket Wernher von Braun claimed: believe in the existence not only of animals and vegetation in infinite space but of intelligent beings. Professor Hermann Oberth, the father of interplanetary travel, said this: I think intelligent beings visited our planet in the past.

Researchers have opposed new ideas quickly as when it was invented rail train, protested because people could not intelegel the time a speed greater than 20 miles per hour. Russian researcher Kasantzew, Moscow State Academy of Natural Sciences affirmative answer to the question whether our planet has been visited by intelligent extraterrestrial beings. Dr. Saitzew in Minsk Academy of Sciences said the staff are absolutely convinced that aliens have stopped on our planet because we see so much evidence they left behind. I still have not learned how to read their tracks but when we reach the stars when we will be sure contact with the ground. Man has always wanted to rise above the earth, from the beginning, science was taught to fly but it was not enough, reached the moon and was thrilled Advanced rocketry and put heaven at our urging.

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