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Dipped in Delight, The City of Delhi

Reading through this article will really play a tour video of New Delhi right in front of your eyes. Im thinking of skipping the facts-bound information and presenting a wider picture of the city.

I think of one word to describe the city of Delhi, and what comes to my mind is a phrase instead, “Live Out Loud”. This city is the finest possible blend of tradition and modernization, tranquility and hap-hazardness, young enthusiastic teenagers and young enthusiastic old people. Take an apartment in delhi, and i can assure you that every night when you go to the roof expecting to see a dark star-filled night sky, you would instead be amazed to see firecrackers in the sky. Why? because every night in this city is an occasion, be it a wedding, or jagran( loud religious ceremony). And days are no less. Apart from the daily hustle of the common people ( popularly called mango people or ‘aam janta’ ) with which the day breaks, almost everywhere will you find processions, local communities and groups of people from different strata( students, rickshaw-pullers, office people, gaudy rich brats (popularly called phukras) , the noisy blue-line buses, the suave sounding DTC green and red buses, the ringing bells of rickshaws to the grunting of auto-rickshaws. Go out in a typical Delhi bazaar, and you will commonly find chat stalls which serve anything from ‘Gol gappas’ to ‘Chole Bhature’. Also, you wouldn’t miss Ice Cream vendors and the Lemonade carts.

Beneath the upper packaging, there are some hidden facts about the city. Because of the high influx of money, people in Delhi are in general  great consumerists. The rich and the upper middle class are quite brand conscious, and one would get to see heavy western influence on them. They are interested in western music, watch American television and their language carries a sense of sophistication. Let’s say  you are an English speaking foreigner, pick some person like that in this city, and you can expect a good conversation. One the other hand, the lower middle class and the labor class people are still catching up. One would hear more local words in their language and indigenous dressing style. Speaking of local language , there is a striking similarity in all of them: abuses. The city is infamous for the swearing language that people use here and I tell you it’s no myth. But what many don’t understand is that abuses are an embedded element in the language here, rather than the outcome of personal hatred. Its more of a way of speaking rather than literally meaning those abuses.

All in all, Delhi is a city to travel, it’s a city to live in. Not so costly, not so dull. Not so loving, not so rejecting. It’s a place that will teach you worldly wisdom, and a lot more.

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