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How Our Dress and Appearance Transmit Nonverbal Communication Signals

Our dress and appearance make the primary impression about us. How much we are careful about our dress and appearance?

There are number of ways, a person sends his or her nonverbal communication signals during any communication session. During any meeting, different types of nonverbal communication signals are transmitted, which includes the following:

1.    Facial expressions
2.    Gestures
3.    Postures
4.    Gaze
5.    Touch
6.    Eye contact
7.    Movement of body
8.    Spatial behavior
9.    Vocal cues
10.  Clothes and appearance
11.  Smell

All these in combination make an impression about you to your surrounding people and that impression forms the base of you acceptance to them. This acceptance makes the success or failure of your communication. Here we will be discussing about the impact of dress and appearances on our nonverbal communication signal.

Our dress makes the first impression. Once we arrive anywhere, before making any conversation, people at there,  have already glanced at our dress and that has guided them to frame an initial impression and this impression makes a definite impact on the follow up conversation and as well as communication. If our dressing is in acceptable format and as per their desired standard, that brings them to be receptive more.

The main reason is that the dress expresses our personality, taste, standard of choice, characteristics and few more basic norms. A well dressed man expresses his confidence, credibility and competency. At the same time a sloppy appearance with rumpled clothed person conveys a message of less caring about him.

At times only dress and appearance makes the total communication, without any conversation. Even in a big gathering, if we see a person with good dress and appearance, we may forget his or her name in follow up times, but we can remember his or her dress and appearance. It may hear exaggerated, but at times our dress and appearance can create a fortune for us and at times it may ruin us.

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