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Monolingual is the condition of being able to speak, write or more prudently communicate through just one single language which is your native language or your mother tongue. Monolinguals are more dominantly found in the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries. Research shows that the British dialect English speakers find it unnecessary and at times, difficult to learn any other language. People in Asian and African countries are more exposed to a variety of intermingling cultures which gives rise to not only different dialects within the same language but also provides people with the opportunity and convenience of learning multiple languages.                   

There are certain advantages of being a monolingual as well which have been proved by different researches. Usually bilinguals speak one language as their native language while they acquire the knowledge and learning of another language as per their social dynamics or when they get to migrate from their native society for work or education. Research shows that with the ability of speaking more than one language, one the two always remains dominant. This could lead to a lot of information clutter at times; this could create barriers to your thought processing and could limit your intellectual growth. The monolingual on the other hand, enjoys lucidity of thoughts, a much more transparent understanding of his surroundings and is able to interact in a much better way with the society. Having a disparity between the languages you speak can also lead to a subconscious superiority or inferiority complex regarding either your native language or your newly acquired language.

Pakistani culture has its roots in a number of historic cultures. This culture is itself a meld of different civilizations, many of whom have nurtured different religions, beliefs, languages, dialects, social norms and values. With this much of a rich yet conflicting, absorbing and ever changing culture, Pakistan is a society where monolinguals are a minority confined mainly to the port city of Karachi. These people are mostly immigrants from today’s Indian part of the subcontinent. In the late 40’s, as these people migrated to Pakistan, most of them opted to settle in Karachi to benefit from those thousands of jobs that the industrial sector of Karachi creates. These people laid their pride in their native language “Urdu”, and hence they never fully absorbed their inter cultural counterparts. Even though there is a huge Sindi population in the city as well, yet the once immigrant inhabitants of Karachi are still primarily monolingual, their whole domestic structure depicts a lot of preservation of  values and traditions that separate them from other regional language speaking masses of Pakistan. This practice has its own advantages and disadvantages. For starters, monolinguals in Pakistan are usually better spoken in the national and their native language Urdu; they speak with a pronounced clarity which is deficient in the regional bilinguals of Pakistan. But as a disadvantage, these people lack the cultural richness that people who speak provincial languages depict. Monolinguals in Pakistan face a lot of problems when they have to communicate with such people, especially in a situation where communication is acting as a key, such as marketing or advertising jobs.

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