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Phonetics : Communication Skills

Importance of phonetics to develop communication skills.

Phonics is a science of relating alphabets to sounds, knowing their unique pronunciation. Since understanding the verbal strokes and inflexions are crucial during the process of communication, it becomes all the more important to study and teach phonetics to develop communication skills.

The major areas covered under phonetics which help in communications are:

1. Basic pronunciation : Every alphabet has a particular sound attached to it and phonetics is about learning the correct pronunciation

2. Stress timing: Putting stress at a particular alphabet/word in a sentence, changes the meaning all together. Phonetics deals with the correct stressing of words and alphabets. 

3. Variation in pitch and tone: In certain languages, like stress, even pitch and a different tone also changes the meaning of the sentence.

4. Variation in accent: people from different origin /background have different accent and pronunciation style.

5. Phonemes, “what we say”: In reference to English language, which has 44 phonemes (24 consonants and 20 vowels), the actual pronunciation of phonemes defines it’s meaning in a given environment. Vowels, mixing consonants, long vowels, exclamations are requiring a different kind of movement of tongue and lip.

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