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Phrases You Can Learn in Japanese From Watching Anime

The typical phrases and words people can learn from watching anime.

Interested in what words/phrases you are able to learn in Japanese just from watching anime? The most common phrases and words that practically all animes have are the everyday language phrases. So this is greetings (hello,goodbye,good morning,good night etc.) and also common phrases which are spoken by most Japanese people e.g. welcome back and I’m home (This is what the typical Japanese homes say when someone arrives back to their house). But there are different phrases/words that you can learn depending on what types of animes you decide to watch, so for example in a fantasy/magic-like anime the words you could learn may be “magic” or “dragon” in Japanese depending what the story is about of course! And if the character in an anime has a certain catch phrase and repeats throughout the anime, you would most likely learn that phrase as well although the phrase could be anything at all varying on the type of anime you watch, so could just be very irrelevant (useless to learn as it won’t help when trying to speak to someone in Japanese). The other common phrases and words that can be learnt when watching anime are family names and by that I mean: Mum,dad,grandad,grandma,sister,brother,daughter,son etc. So the relationship status people have are quite common to learn while watching animes. There’s also types of food as well and Japanese culture/tradition phrases which can be learnt from watching anime and the types of animals too. But overall it’s really just the words that are spoken the most in animes which are the ones people can learn and remember in Japanese as long as they frequently watch the anime. I’ll give you a list of some of the words I’ve learnt from watching anime myself too(from watching many different types of genre animes): What,why,cute,sing,happy,pirate,sea,sky,tennis,basketball etc.

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