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The Art of Talking Without Saying Anything

A useful skill for that annoying English project! Warning, do not enter if you like to write boring essays.

I’ve been writing for a little while now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone grows into a different type of writer. Some people describe every minute detail in their writing. Others give you just a general idea of what’s going on and leave the rest up to you for your imaganation. I’ve found that a lot of people grow to write the type of writing you read and enjoy the most.

I read a lot of science fiction books. Right now, I have so many science fiction books checked out from the local library, that if i were to go on a trip and wanted to read something new, all I would have to do would be to snatch a random book off my desk.

Personally, I enjoy writing things that have almost no importantance, at any time, whenever the mood hits me. I may not have the best writing, or the fastest typing, or anything else remarkable going on for me, but I enjoy trying to do what I do. For example, right now.

The art of talking without saying anything is a largely misunderstood skill. It takes time and patentince to pull it off… In the last few seconds… or minutes ( depending on how slow you read) I’ve been teaching you everything you need to know about writing without saying anything. A useful skill for any of you who really don’t want to spend the time writing anything ground breaking.


I think that over all article was probably a big waste of your time, but I hope you’ve learned what you need to defy teachers around the globe!

Liked it
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