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The Benefits Study in Overseas

“Study in overseas required a large sum, however it could help them to live independently and lots of advantages” said Samuel Choo.

If you look at the news, you probably sees a lot of advertisement for overseas study right? Study in overseas is not a big deal, the only problems are do you have the qualification to proceed your highest education in overseas? Ask yourself and answer honestly. Now I will explain the benefits study in overseas, the most widely views are as follows:

Benefits 1. Be Independent

Study in overseas is a process where it start after the secondary level which is tertiary level. For the very first time, I sees many people crying or home sick when they live far from their parent. They’re no longer a child, in fact they’re adults. Be independent is a process that train the students how to live without the help from his/her parent. In this process, they will learned how to wake up on time. Remember when you’re still a schoolboy? Every time your mother will wake you up. Everything is change now, being a tertiary student’s you need to preset your time and attend your class with no any late excuses. Besides that, you’ll learn how to prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This are all independent, study in overseas is not easy, many things you’ve to do it your own without the help from other people.

Benefits 2. Make Friends

When you’re study overseas, you probably hide yourself from others. This is a normal reaction, however hiding yourself without the sunlight is not a good idea. Just like the trees and flowers, were they conceal from your appearance? Absolutely not, they required sun light in order to survive, we’re the same. If you feel alone, try to hang out with some guys or gals, you need them one day. Friendship is very important, that’s why study in overseas will help you to make a lot of friends.

            Why do we need friends in our life? Having a friend will help us to solve a lot of problems once we face it. Just like you have some question related the subject that you’re not familiar with, but they will help and work it out. Respect your friendship when you own them, once it lost it cannot be reverse.

Benefits 3. Understand Their Language

Continue highest education in overseas will help us to understand their language. It is good to learn their language because learning their language will help us to understand their culture, making more friends and develop more knowledge. To learn once language, we’ve to courage and talk with them. Once we’ve learned their language, we have the chances to communicate more with other peoples.

            Understand one language needs to take time, therefore we need to have a lot of patient on it. 

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