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The World’s Most Expensive Historical Monuments

Historical monuments which are the most expensive in Europe?

Besides having historical value is not known, a number of iconic monuments in various European countries are also quite costly nominal value.

The studies results from an institute in Italy, Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce tries to provide valuation for historic monuments in Europe. Assessment is based on image, brand and aesthetic qualities of each monument.

As quoted from page dailymail, historic monuments or the most expensive buildings in the world held by the Eiffel Tower, France with a value of 344 billion pounds.

Eiffel has a height of 324 meters which is the most historic monuments attract world travelers. Last year, more than 7.1 million tourists came to the most romantic sights in the world.

Value Eiffel Tower 6 times higher than the closest competitor Colosseum, Rome’s worth 72 billion pounsdterling. The building was built gladiator 80th century BC and was able to attract 4 million tourists from around the world.

Being behind is The Sagrade Familia Cathedral, Barcelona, Spain precious 71 billion pounds.

Not only the historic buildings in Europe were the subject of the present study. The survey also put the White House in Washington, USA as one of the most expensive monument to the value of 64 billion poundtsterling.

Here are the 7 most expensive monument in Europe

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris: 344 billion pounds

2. The Colloseum, Rome: 72 billion pounds

3. The Sagrade Familia Cathedral, Barcelona: 71 billion pounds

4. The Duomo Cathedral, Milan: 65 billion pounds

5. The Tower of London: 56 billion pounds

6. The Prado Museum, Madrid: 46 billion pounds

7. Stonehenge, UK: 8.3 billion pounds

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