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Understanding Formal, Informal and Non-formal Communication

How to communicate effectively.

Formal communication is a communication process that is formal and is usually done in formal institutions through the command line or instructive in character, based on the organizational structure by actors who communicate as an officer of the organization with the status of each – each of which aim to convey the message associated with the interests of service. A formal communication can also be said when the communication between two or more people who exist in an organization based on principles – principles and organizational structure.

Definition of informal communication is communication between people that exist within an organization, but not planned or not specified in the organizational structure. Informal communication function is to maintain social relationships informal friendship groups, dissemination of information which is personal and private as is the issue, gossip, or rumor. On informal communication should not be based on information that is still unclear and inaccurate, look for sources of reliable information, always use common sense and act on positive thoughts.

The information in informal communication usually occurs through a chain of a crowd in which a person receives the information and forwarded to the person or more, and so on so that the information is dispersed to various circles. The implication is that the truth of such information would be unclear or vague. However informal communications will be to meet social needs, influence others, and overcome the slowness of formal communication that typically tend to be rigid and have to go through various channels first.

Non-formal communication is the process of communication is between a formal or official with an unofficial or informal. This type of communication is usually in the form of communication that relate to personal relationships

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