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10 Most Handsome Filipino Faces 2012

Fine, beauty is relative, and thus, defined in various ways. So, then, let’s narrow it down. In terms of facial beauty, who among the male celebrities in the Philippines is most well-endowed?

There is indeed a long list of handsome Filipinos even if we narrow it down to facial beauty as the sole criteria. Normally, whatever is different in a group is considered special, or better termed as exotic. The Whites consider the Browns to be cute, while the Browns find the Whites to be attractive.

Thus, the mestizos are revered as the handsome ones in the Philippines. In the following list of the 10 most handsome Filipino faces of 2012, this mestizo preference is disregarded (although the list does have mestizos). Rather, the international eye was considered, which means, these men have the best faces that can be appreciated globally. 

The links on their names were intentionally chosen to show the pictures of the men on their simplest, or their ugliest. Most of these pictures were those when they had no makeup to prove how handsome their faces really are whatever is the situation.

So let the list begin:

Starting off with the Daddy, tall model/host, and award-winning actor:

#10: John Estrada

The young moreno heartthrob/singer:

#9: JM de Guzman

Ladies do love bad boys. Here’s one of the best reasons why:

#8: Ryan Eigenmann

The original Filipino matinee idol:

#7: Aga Muhlach

Whatever is the truth behind his rumored homosexuality, his facial endowment as a man is undeniable:

#6: Piolo Pascual

Disregard his family background’s fame and his reputation as one of the favorite leading men of his generation, but his handsomeness is still outstanding:

#5:  Richard Guttierez

The award-winning actor whose acting skills are similar to his face with a versatile look that can be transformed from a ruggedly handsome villain to an angelic clean-shaven protagonist: 

#4:  Sid Lucero

Cover his body (which was internationally praised) and his face will still make him hot:

#3: Dingdong Dantes

The young man who made all ladies of his generation feel infatuated, the epitome of cuteness:

#2: Dino Imperial

and the most handsome face of 2012 in the Philippines belongs to the King of Philippine Indie Movies, a moreno Adonis, and one of the best Filipino actors of all time: 

#1:  Coco Martin

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