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A Testemonial of Hurricane Sandy

Here is a story of faith through the hardest that life can throw at you.

Not most memorable moment of 2012 was Hurricane sandy. It was an experience and I will never forget. To be surrounded by water coming from all around you. To see cars, trucks tossed around like toys, push into houses gates torn apart. To see boardwalks you once walked on completely destroyed. Rows of homes destroyed by fire. To see water reached 6 to 8 feet around your building. Who could imagine a borough of Queens destroyed in a matter of minutes. To be without electricity, heat, or water for weeks. To get water you had to take buckets to fire hydrant and carry it back to your home or apartment. No where to get food all the stores was destroyed. To see people stand in line for hours to receive food, supplies, medical care. Everyday for weeks there was a line for help. People crying and sobbing on each others shoulders standing in front of homes that they can’t return to. No one ever heard about the town of Far Rockaway. Now we known around the world with 
parts of Brooklyn, Staten Island, an New Jersey. No one ever take notice of us here in Far Rockaway until this happen. There’s a saying that goes you never know what anyone go through until you walked in their shoes. But yet I thank God for sparing me. If I didn’t have God in my life I would not have made it. God has a reason for doing something this just let us know that no one isn’t vunerable to anything that life gives us.

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