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Causes and Effects of The Revolutionary War

Causes and Effects.


The Revolutionary War had many important causes and significant effects. The Revolutionary War began in 1775 and ended in 1783, it lasted 8 years. There were many important people such as George Washington who was a crucial American general. King George III was the king of Britain at the time of the Revolutionary War. Also Samuel Adams was an important patriot who started the Boston Sons of Liberty. Also many battles were vital to winning independence such as the Battle at Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Saratoga, and the Siege of Yorktown, which won the colonists independence from Britain.

            The Revolutionary War had many important causes, such as the French and Indian War which left Britain with a large debt. The British felt that since they protected the colonists they should pay for part of the debt, so the British began to tax the colonists. The Sugar Act was passed to lower the tax on molasses. It lowered tax to encourage people to stop smuggling. Another cause was the Stamp Act. It was passed in 1765 to raise money and taxed all printed material. It was repealed in 1766.

Also a major cause was the Boston Massacre which took place on March 5, 1770. A riot broke out and the colonists charged the customs house where the British officers were. When one soldier was knocked down the soldiers fired and killed five colonists. Another cause was the Boston Tea Party. It took place on December 16, 1773. The colonists were angered over the Tea Act and they boarded the ships disguised as Mohawks and threw 342 chests of tea overboard. The Coercive Acts were put into effect to punish Bostonians for the Boston Tea Party. The act closed the Boston harbor, banned most town meetings, and forced Bostonians to shelter soldiers in their houses. The Coercive Acts were known to the colonists as the Intolerable Acts because of the harsh laws that were enforced from the act.

            Along with the important causes there were many significant effects of the Revolutionary War. The Treaty of Paris, which was signed after the Americans won the Revolutionary War. The treaty granted the United States land and freedom from Britain. One negative effect of the Revolutionary War was inflation. So much paper money was printed and there was not enough gold and silver to back up the money so it became almost worthless. Another effect was that agriculture grew. Because the Proclamation Line, which prevented westward expansion, was no longer in place agriculture was able to grow and spread to more fertile land.

            Also trade grew because the British could not limit trade, so trade overseas with the West Indies grew. Finally America was free from British rule and was now recognized as an independent nation.

            There are many important causes of the Revolutionary War, such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. Also there were many significant effects including the Treaty of Paris and the inflation of money. 


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