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Chemistry in Our Daily Life

Chemistry in our daily life

Prasanta Ray

I am sure you will agree with me that there exists tremendous importance of Chemistry in our everyday life. Drugs we use are nothing but chemical compounds. Plants and fruits we eat contain a large number of chemical compounds they provide us with our vitamins, proteins, fats and oils, minerals etc. These are all chemical compounds. and many of them have also medicinal properties. In fact all the biological molecules are composed of chemical compounds. In the engineering areas also, chemistry has much influence to control various mechanism of actions of all the instruments and gadgets we use everyday. Engineering goods are made of chemicals of different types, such as basic elements, acids, alkalis, steel, nuts and bolts, various instruments, computers and other electronic items – all are composed of a variety of chemical compounds.

                   It is now known that from time immemorium Chemical molecules formed the very basis of life. Scientists have discovered the existence of several basic elements during the early part of evolution.
There is evidence of existence of elements like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Sulfur and Phosphorus even when life did not exist on the surface of our planet. It took thousands of years for these elements and many others to combine together to form molecules of different kinds. From small molecules came the large molecules, from their union with each other and one another. 
                Hydrogen bound with oxygen to form water, Carbon bound with oxygen to form Carbon dioxide; Nitrogen bound with hydrogen to form ammonia, Hydrogen bound with sulphur to form hydrogen sulphide; sulphur bound with oxygen to form sulphur dioxide and trioxide, which combined with water to form sulfuric acid and so on. These chemicals formed the very basis of the evolution of the complex Life systems.
                As a result of chemical reactions and their interactions, large number of chemical molecules came into being which supported the life processes. Right from the humans, plants, microbes, animals to fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, everything is composed of chemicals. 

                Thus we have now realized that in our everyday life chemicals have a tremendous impact. Not only that our body is composed of chemicals, our food items are also composed of chemicals. Those are large molecules like Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Fats and Oils and of course various minerals and water – all of them are nothing but chemical compounds. From spices we use to cook our food including salt, sugar, fats and oil, all are chemicals.
                Pesticides and insecticides we use to kill cockroaches, mosquitoes, insects etc. are chemical compounds. Soaps and detergents are used everyday to clean our clothes; Ink we use to write; Paper we use for printing books including those we use for writing such as pencils, rubber, various colors etc. are nothing but chemicals.   We use preservatives to store our food items for a long time. Use of chemicals has made us modern and had provided us much comfort and safety in life.
                Right from lipsticks and vanishing cream, shampoo, hair dye and many other substances which are used by the ladies to present them in a beautiful manner are all prepared by chemicals.
                Our clothes we wear are composed of chemical yarn. Almost everything we have to depend upon in our everyday life is thus made of chemicals. The science of Chemistry is behind all of them. There remains no doubt that chemicals have made our life possible.

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